All-in-one Indoor Pack
All-in-one Indoor Pack

All-in-one Indoor Pack

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Looking for an all-in-one indoor pack – something to do with your youngster, something to play with while interacting with songs and rhymes.

Inside this bundle of resources you’ll find a Learning Together with rhyme pad, full of activities that will be enjoyed by your child and you. Enjoy the rhymes as you travel in the car or go about your day. Comes complete with two pages of stickers, creating additional learning and affirmation.

A Traditional Songs Volume 3 CD will be enclosed and includes Miss Polly; Old Macdonald; Hey Diddle Diddle; This Little Piggy; Polly Put the Kettle On; Six Little Ducks; Five Little Monkeys; Where is Thumbkin?; It is Good; Down By the Station.

While you're inside over winter or if it's summer and you need an inside day, also in this All-in-one Indoor Pack is a blow up ball (roll this around - it's soft so won't have the same breaking power as other balls played with inside) and a Road Map (build the road map into a 3D play items then have hours of fun as you drive cars around the road).

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