mainly music - on-line sessions

mainly music - on-line sessions


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What happens when you can't attend mainly music sessions? Maybe your local group has closed for a while, or your child appreciates a smaller session (they like just me and you at home).

Here's a series of sessions especially for you. A session you can enjoy with others, over Zoom. Chromecast it from your phone to your television or use a tablet or computer. You don't have to turn on your camera but we’d love you to!

This will be a mainly music session like no other because you'll be joining with families from all over New Zealand and Australia. Click HERE and hear directly from Deb.

10 sessions starting at 11am for half an hour – or longer if you stay around to chat. From Wednesday 27 July through to 28 September.

Here’s what families said in term 1:

We have been loving joining you for music. You have been doing a great job at engaging and being engaging in these sessions - thanks very much.

We are all loving the sessions. There are children from age 5 through to 1 and they are all engaged.

Join for the sessions and supply your own props (there’s a prop download sheet when you sign up) – a shaker, a soft toy, and 5 Little Monkeys.

AND - if your family is unwell this week - you can select THIS WEEK and join Deb on-line for that one session.

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