A Very mainly Christmas - On-line session

A Very mainly Christmas - On-line session


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Join us for a fun session (you can join every day if you want) to celebrate and welcome in Christmas. Seasoned Session Facilitators Deb and Jo will lead the on-line session each day on YouTube and while the security settings won't allow them to see you and your children, they will pretend they can.

Every day in the week of 13 December at 1.30pm for 30-40 minutes.

When you register, you'll receive a downloadable prop to print out, colour, and fix to craft sticks (or spoons!) along with details of how to join the session on the day or days of your choice.

On the day, bring a set of bells or something similar (like keys!), a scarf (the flowing type - or you can use a paper serviette), and the props.

You can buy the book and we'll send you a printed version of the props - our pricing INCLUDES freight.

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