About us

We provide a time and place where tamariki/young children and whānau/their carers find delight in shared experiences through music and play, are accepted for who they are, and grow educationally. We recognise the importance of attachment theory, which contributes to tamariki/children’s security and well-being. Each session provides education and development outcomes, an opportunity for tamariki to enjoy an enhanced attachment experience with their family, and for carers to receive parenting tuition by example. There is a strong sense of ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. With guidance by volunteers from local churches, families are given the chance to think about the Atua/God-part of life in a loving, sharing environment that welcomes everyone.

mainly music started in 1990 in Aotearoa, New Zealand. What families experience today is quite different to what the first group participated in!

The programs are for your pēpi/babies, tamariki/toddlers and pre-schoolers; one with a music focus and one with a play focus. Both contain a fun, interactive 30-minute structured session, where a passionate volunteer team bring out the best in the tamariki and help them to gain the skills in readiness for school. The session is followed by an unstructured eat and play time, where your child can socialise and connect.

As parents, you can connect with adults. First time parents, well-versed ones, those who have grown up kids, Dads, Mums, Grandparents, and carers – everyone who is part of the family is welcome. Connecting with adults is so important and we give you the opportunity to be able to finish a sentence or even a conversation! Know you’re not alone in your role and receive genuine encouragement during the journey.

mainly music and mainly play are part of a wider community which we invite you to access. We would love you to connect with the local church who makes the session happen. Churches are a place of community, friendship, and spiritual nurture. Many provide practical assistance – like marriage ceremonies and baby dedications as well as a place for you and your family to explore God. Churches also provide help through the tough times, by conducting funerals, providing counselling, or giving kai/food parcels.

We are driven and guided by our five core values:

  • Creativity, regularly thinking outside the box.
  • Connection, continually creating genuine spaces for engagement.
  • Celebration, being committed to noticing the extraordinary, even the smallest glimpses, in the ordinary; the remarkable in every day.
  • Generosity, being large hearted, open handed and actively extravagant.
  • Honour, ensuring we honour diversity and heritage, artists and writers, staff and volunteers, churches and partner organisations, and God.

Thank you for dropping by to find out more about mainly music and mainly play.

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